Low Back Pain

Back pain is something that almost everyone will get at some point in their life. In fact, it is the most common musculoskeletal condition in the world! The causes of low back pain are many, and anyone who has had back pain for any length of time knows it can be tricky to manage. Very rarely does any one method of treatment or approach address low back pain and all of its potential causes. Patients coming in for this condition should expect a varied approach to their care.

Neck Pain and Headaches

Headaches and neck pain are on the rise in our modern society. As our hours behind the desk increase, so does the incidence of neck pain and headaches. This trend does not have to be one you follow. We can show you ways to alleviate this pain and get you back to work, able to take care of yourself.


Sports Injuries

Here at The Forge, we have an extensive background in treating all levels of athlete, from amateur on up. Our combined approach of in-depth examination and individualized treatment plans give our patients an edge in their recovery and rehabilitation. As an athlete himself, treating other athletes is Dr. Stoffel's passion; so if you've injured yourself during a sport or activity, stop on by and let's see what we can do to get you back in the game!


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, which is pain that lasts for more that 6 months, can be mild to severe and will impact each person differently. Because it can persist for weeks, months, or even years; it can take a serious toll on an individual's long term physical and emotional health. In many cases, patients have tried a variety of treatment options with little to no success. This type of pain is not a quick fix, and here at The Forge we understand this. We will gladly work together with other providers to give you the best multidisciplinary care available for your pain.



Motor Vehicle Accident And Workplace Injury

These accidents can happen to anyone - at any time! No one ever plans to get into an accident or injured on the job and it can leave you feeling frustrated and hurting. Here at The Forge, we understand. We will work with you to come back from these events and guide you through the healing process. Let us help you through your recovery and give you the tools you need to get back to living!





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